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VGA (D-Sub)
Встроенная аккустика
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20 марта 2018

Mouse MB-W900X3-SH — мощный игровой ноутбук

25 февраля 2018

MWC 2013: Acer демонстрирует моноблок Smart Display DA220HQL
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Мониторы » Мониторы Benq
Производитель BenQ (Китай)
BenQ EW2730V
4 880 700 руб.

Монитор LCD "BenQ" EW2730V  (Glossy Black, 27"W, 8ms,16:9,DCR 20 000 000:1,1920x1080, D-Sub/ DVI / HDMIx2/ USB/ SPEAKERS 3Wx2, VA матрица с LED) NEW!!!

BenQ EW2730V
Диагональ 27 "
Тип матрицы VA
Разрешение 1920x1080
Время отклика 8 мс
Яркость 250 кд/м^2
Контрастность 3000:1
Динамическая контрастность 20000000:1
Формат экрана 16:9
Регулировка по высоте нет
Регулировка наклона по вертикали
VGA (D-Sub) есть
DVI есть
HDMI есть
Встроенная аккустика есть
ТВ-тюнер нет
Пульт ДУ нет

World's Leading Expert in LED Monitors

BenQ – the world's leading LED monitor brand – has again successfully taken the lead to launch the world's first VA LED monitor! Such technological revolution is bound to bring a whole new visual experience and enjoyment to the world.

Simple Precision, Simple Perfection

Simple diamond-cut lines reveal the raw beauty and texture of metal chrome. True craftsmanship designs every cut carefully and executes with perfection with mind, BenQ EW2730V delivers functionality and beauty in perfect harmony.

Refined Audio-visual, Superb Experience

Ultra-High 3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio

Ultra high native contrast ratio for enhancing details and color contrast, producing the most exquisite and true-to-life pictures.

True 8-bit Panel Presentation

True 8-bit color range with 16.7M color level presents saturated vividness with perfect balance in every image.

Deep Blacks and Minimized Light Leakage

VA panel is free of bright spots with reduced light leakage; presenting color in its truest form, making every image breaktaking.

Smart Focus

Smart Focus can highlight the selected window or area reducing distraction of other areas, as well as allowing users to concentrate on the main viewing content.

Dedicated Research, Outstanding Performance

Super Resolution

Improves picture clearance; accurately capturing details and enhancing picture quality.

3D Noise Reduction

Automatically removes visible noise from the source to create advanced quality output.

3D Deinterlace

Reduces cross-over interference flickers produced by HDMI and other components; provides consistent smooth high visual presentation.


Able to receive signals from 2 different sources, allow switching between windows easily to maximize entertainment.

24P Real Cinema Support

Support 24P video format to produce an incredible smooth and detail-oriented visual quality; re-creating the scene perfectly.

Dedicated Research, Outstanding Performance

Just plug it in, BenQ EW2730V will support every entertainment function.

2 HDMI Port: supports disc player, PS3, XBOX, and various gaming devices.

4 USB Port: for flash drives, USB card reader, and any other portable devices

1 Component (RCA Jack ): regular housing entertainment units such as DVD player.

1 D-Sub/1 DVI-D: Support both analog and digital signals, support desktops, notebooks and other inputs.

BenQ Senseye® Human Vision Technology

Exclusive Senseye® technology, BenQ’s answer to the true potential of the human eye in video images - enhances color, clarity and contrast. Its Movie Mode optimizes deep, rich, and delicate images for the perfect viewing condition.

Win 7 Compatible

The EW2730V has passed Windows® 7 certification and are fully compatible with Windows® 7 color systems. Plug in the EW2730V to your computer, and Windows 7 will recognize it instantly, making setup and connection effortless.

Energy Star Qualified

The EW2730V complies with the requirement of ENERGY STAR® Program for Computer Monitors, Version 5.0. Now you can enjoy saving energy and money as well as keeping the Earth lookin' great!

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